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Responsable artistique Céline Bernhard


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Pépette is playing at the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières

Pépette is with the Collectif dans les étoiles

  • from 21th september till 28th september at 20.00

Under the stars of the circus tent Place d’Arches, Charleville-Mézieres place 2

The whole program is here :


  • Bluebeard


A young maiden walks towards her destiny : Bluebeard’s castle, in her missing sisters’ the footsteps. What secret keeps this giant so wealthy and so blue ? What is going on in this castle, and what is there hiding behind the little bedroom door downstairs? The answer is terrible : “I forbid you to enter it, otherwise…I’ll no longer be answerable for anything.”

The Woman in Blue tells the Bluebeard story, using the architecture of her own body, puppets and a few objects. This performance reinterprets the well-known French version of Perrault’s tale. In choosing to move away from the crime story, it suggests another point of view, opens new doors and offers another way out, in a celebration of love and of the feminine.

This Bluebeard is freely adapted from Bruno De La Salle’s version (Le Conteur amoureux, Casterman, 1995) and translated into english by Lara Delage-Toriel.


  • Conception and acting: Céline Bernhard;
  • Director: Kathleen Fortin;
  • Acting advice: Eric Domenicone;
  • with help from: Véronique Calderari & Michel Prica;
  • Lighting creation and lighting technician: Julien Lang;
  • Lightning technician: Quentin Lemaire;
  • Costumes: Elsa Poulie;
  • Scenography and puppet design: Céline Bernhard;
  • Accessory design: Aude Ardoin;
  • Production manager: Nathalie Ehsan Ziah;


  • Le Cirque dans les étoiles, Aubergenville (78) France;
  • ARToPie, Centre de création artistique , Meisenthal (57) France;
  • La Maison des Arts , Lingolsheim (67) France;

Special Thanks


Phone : +33 6 08 65 45 55. Email :

Compagnie du Coin qui tourne 4, rue du Mai F-67100 Strasbourg France

Licences 2/135098 & 3/135099.

The Compagnie

Who we are

The Compagnie du Coin qui Tourne is based in Strasbourg (North-East of France). Founded in 2000, the company started working around puppets and video, making non-verbal performances and using essentially articulated puppets manipulated on a table.

Until 2009, the company experimented in various fields. The new creations involve the body more in its theatricality and explore the relationship between the puppeteer and his puppet. The performances now involve text as well. When traveling abroad, they can be performed in English or German.

More than ever La Compagnie du Coin qui Tourne is attached to sharing something sensitive and poetic as a means of questioning the world we live in.

They welcomed us


  • Festival Scènes Ouvertes à l’Insolite, Mouffetard, Théâtre des Arts de la Marionnette, Paris (75) ;
  • Espace Jean Vilar, Ifs (14);
  • Espace Culturel André Malraux, Kremlin Bicêtre (94);
  • Festival La Marelle, Maizières les Metz (57);
  • La Salle du Cercle, Bischeim (67);
  • Tournée 2010/11 des Régionales de l’Agence Culturelle d’Alsace: Le Point d’Eau (Ostwald) (67), Centre culturel Claude Vigée (Bischwiller) (67), Espace Grün (Cernay) (68), Relais culturel régional de Thann (Thann) (68), Le PréO (Oberhausbergen) (67);
  • Le Crea, Scène Conventionnée Jeune Public d’Alsace, Kingersheim (68);
  • MoMiX, Festival jeune public, Kingersheim (68);
  • Afsco, Mulhouse, CSC Les Coteaux (68);
  • La Puppetstub, Festival Mondial des théâtres de marionnettes, Charleville Mézières (08) ;
  • Les Giboulées de la marionnette, Strasbourg (67);
  • Le Printemps des Bretelles, Illkirch-Graffenstaden (67);
  • La Comédie de l’Est, Centre Dramatique Régional d’Alsace, Colmar (68);
  • Demandez-nous la lune, Le Cadhame, Meisenthal (57);
  • Festival Etoi Téqui, Strasbourg (67);
  • Les Taps, Strasbourg (67);
  • ZaZi, Zone artistique en Zone industrielle, Wasselonne (67);
  • Théâtre le Maillon, Festival oKup caravane #4, Strasbourg (67);
  • Festival Mon Mouton est un Lion, Phalsbourg (57);
  • Théâtre le Kafteur, Strasbourg (67);
  • Le Musée Wurth, Erstein (67);
  • Festival de Phalsbourg (57);
  • Les Mille et une nuit, Strasbourg (67);
  • CSC Le Galet, Strasbourg (67);
  • Cada, Centre d’accueil des demandeurs d’asile, Strasbourg (67);
  • CSC, Haguenau (67);
  • Théâtre du Fil à plomb, Toulouse (31);
  • ARToPie, centre de création artistique, Meisenthal (57);
  • La Maison des Arts, Lingolsheim ( 67).


  • Scéne conventionnée Kokolampoe, Saint Laurent du Maroni, Guyane.


  • XXè Festival Valise, Lomza, Poland: Award for our theatrical langage research ;
  • XVè International puppet Festival for adults, Pecs, Hungary: Award for the human theater message ;
  • XVè Revue of puppet theatre, Rijeka, Croatia;
  • Festival Lutke, Ljubjana, Slovenia;
  • Festival Face - oKup, Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia;
  • Espace culturel Carré Rotondes, Luxemburg;
  • Festival Unidram, Potsdam, Germany.